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Same Day Couriers Direct’s
Transport Management System

Find out how we tailor our services to meet your needs. It's not all just about delivering on time, it's also about meeting expectations.
/ WRITTEN by Nancy

Odd, Amusing, Dangerous Or Downright Confusing. Road Signs To Make You Think

I'd like some 'Pointless Information' please. Come with us on a little diversion of street signs or you could just tell us to 'Get lost!'
/ WRITTEN by Nancy

Octocopters And Their Ability To Act As Flying Delivery Lorries

Why drone on about Octocopters if they are no longer just sci-fi? Find out how they'll play a part with deliveries now and in the future.
/ WRITTEN by Nancy

When Logic Gets Left Behind – Interesting Courier Delivery Stories From Around The World

What if we could send our children in the post to meet their grandparents. Why can't you collect my pond for delivery?
/ WRITTEN by Nancy

What Are The Differences Between Carrier And Courier Services And Which Will Suit Your Needs?

The pros and cons as no one size will ever fit all. Find out more and get to know your carrier from your courier when deciding which one.
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The Importance Of Bespoke Delivery Solutions

Bespoke, bespoke, bespoke! What distinguishes bespoke delivery solutions from standard off-the-shelf deliveries and the positive impacts.
/ WRITTEN by Nancy