How the courier industry can become more sustainable

The UK government has ambitious plans to achieve a net zero carbon output by 2050 [1] and to achieve this, individuals and businesses alike must play their part. Unlike many industries, couriers cannot work from home and are required to navigate across the country in order to make the collections and deliveries for which the[...]
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Teleportation of packages. Star Trek did it regularly with the crew of the Enterprise, this post will go boldly... you know the rest!
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Fuel Prices – Predicting The Future

Predicting the future is not easy even with all the clues in the world so who and how do the econometricians forecast the fuel prices
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Flying Cars

Beware of FLYING CARS! How likely is this to be part of your Highway Code test? It may be sooner than we think. A look at cars in the air
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what3words – Tool For Same Day Deliveries In The UK?

What three words? Something for same day deliveries in the UK or do you think of an unfortunate Christmas board game?
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Are Driverless Trucks Ready For Everyday Deployment?

We look at the progress when it comes to driverless trucks in particular at a time when we have driver shortages, what's the progress?
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