Birmingham, the second city of the United Kingdom

Same day courier Birmingham services are provided by Same Day Couriers Direct in this city considered as the second city of England as Edinburgh is often promoted as the second city of the UK as the capital of Scotland. Even in Scotland, Glasgow is the the larger city than Edinburgh and often mistaken as the capital.

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Birmingham offers many iconic sightseeing spots; enjoyed by tourists from around the world. Birmingham offers opportunities for fun-filled days out and great international restaurants, music and theatre, and unmissable Birmingham events. Offering many Industrial Revolution landmarks that speak of Birmingham as a manufacturing powerhouse from days gone by.

Birmingham economic sectors

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Key growth sectors:

Home of the British automotive sector and a national and international transport technologies hub.

Transport technologies covering aerospace; rail; automotive and energy storage. All in the West Midlands area.

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Birmingham is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom and it has a central location within. Manchester, Cardiff and London are all within a two hour journey time. Birmingham is further within a very short distance of many important West Midlands towns and cities.

Birmingham is now regularly selected by UK and international companies as the location to establish their business. In recent years, Birmingham has become one of Europe’s most influential business hubs. Large brands who have a substantial presence include Rolls Royce, providing engine management software and electronic engine controls for commercial and military aircraft; Jaguar, with headquarters in Coventry, still uses Birmingham as the hub for all car manufacturing; and National Express.

Birmingham is served by Birmingham Airport. Birmingham serves more destinations than most airports that fall under the regional category. Offering many long-haul destinations by working with a number of international flight operators.

Birmingham has 35 miles of canals, suggested to be more than Venice. During the Industrial Revolution the canals were busy waterways transporting coal, iron and other heavy goods.

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