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Humanitarian Logistics

Humanitarian logistics looks at how professional organisations step in and manage humanitarian aid to disaster areas
/ WRITTEN by Janet

Wacky Races

Dick Dastardly, if he hadn't stopped to lay all those traps, he probably would have won the Wacky Races and Muttley would have his medal
/ WRITTEN by Janet

Full Customs Controls 2022

Full customs controls were implemented from 1st January 2022. We take a look at what the impact has been these first few weeks.
/ WRITTEN by Sarah

Couriers History Through The Ages

Do same day deliveries across the UK go back 3000 years? We look at the couriers history in Britain and when and how far back it goes
/ WRITTEN by Janet

Flying Cars

Beware of FLYING CARS! How likely is this to be part of your Highway Code test? It may be sooner than we think. A look at cars in the air
/ WRITTEN by Janet

Driving Jokes To Brighten Your Day

Doesn't everyone like driving jokes? Heard the one about the trucker, lawyer, priest, motorcycle rider and keeping up with Jones?
/ WRITTEN by Janet