BIFA we begin the transport quiz

This transport quiz is with the kind permission given by the British International Freight Association (BIFA). Perhaps we should have had the first question as ‘What does BIFA stand for?’ Then we thought we’d get answers like ‘British International Freight Association’ or ‘they are the leading body representing the UK international freight services industry’. As both would probably be right, we thought we’d avoid it.

The transport quiz is on the BIFA site suggests: ‘Young Forwarder Network – Supporting career development, improving industry knowledge and shaping the future’. So we thought, let’s have a go. We didn’t do badly, in fact ‘not bad at all!’. Let’s see how you get on and watch out for clues in the images.

scattered toys

1 Which country manufactures the most toys in the world?

Fun fact and possible clue: this country produces around 80% of the world’s dolls and toys.

scattered toys

2 Approximately, how long does it take a plane to fly from

London to Florida, USA (the home of the Walt Disney World Resort)?

Fun fact and possible clue: the Walt Disney World Resort, also called Walt Disney World and Disney World, is near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee.

3 Amelia Earhart is famous for what?

Fun fact and possible clue: during an attempt to make this famous event in 1937, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean.

4 What did the Wright brothers invent?

Fun fact and possible clue: their ????? was called the Kitty Hawk and the event, in 1903 lasted just 12 seconds!

5 The famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel,

is famous for designing and constructing which of these?

  • railway lines
  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • docks
  • none of these
  • all of these
brunel transport king

Fun fact and possible clue: at the time of his death in 1859, Brunel is estimated to have been worth about £8 million in today’s money.

brunel transport king

6 The majority of air cargo moves on passenger carrying planes?

True or false?

Fun fact and possible clue: there are aircraft that just carry cargo. Air cargo also moves on an aircraft you would fly on too.

7 The ship, MSC Gulsun,

is currently the largest container ship in the world. How many 20-foot containers do you think it can carry?

Fun fact and possible clue: the number of containers would equate to over 47,000 cars!

8 As an estimate,

how long does it take a ship to sail from Sydney, Australia to Southampton?

Fun fact and possible clue: China – where most imports come from – so it could sail via here and so anything between ??-?? days. This is also just from one port to another. Consider yourself correct if you get an answer between ??-?? days.

transport ba plane

9 The three-letter airport code for London Heathrow is LON?

True or False?

transport ba plane

Fun fact and possible clue: did you know all international airports have unique three-letter codes? Some are easy and logical, like AMS (Amsterdam), whereas others like TXL (Berlin) are not so obvious.

10 What do you think would be the cheapest transport method

to import 5,000 footballs from China to the UK?

Fun fact and possible clue: sending goods via air is the most expensive, in terms of cost per kilogramme.

Transport quiz answers

  • 1 Most toys produced : China
  • 2 London to Florida (Walt Disney Resort) : 8 hours
  • 3 Amelia Earhart : first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
  • 4 Wright brothers : airplane
  • 5 Isambard Kingdom Brunel : everything in our list
  • 6 Majority of air cargo moves on passenger carrying planes : true
  • 7 MSC Gulsun : 23,758 containers
  • 8 Sydney to Southampton : 21-32 days but anything up to 40 days
  • 9 Heathrow is LHR : LON is false
  • 10 5,000 footballs from China to the UK : sea is cheapest

Quiz part two will follow next month so start revising at the BIFA site. Can’t wait? Check last month’s post Moving Trailers To Movie Trailers.

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