Helping you to learn parts of the Highway Code you may be missing

I am sure all of the drivers from the couriers near me know their Highway Code, but, surprisingly, many of us might not know some of the laws that exist!

Learning to drive can feel like a complicated task initially, especially with learning the Highway Code and all the rules that come with it, but once you start driving more and more, it becomes a breeze and will be second nature to our couriers on the roads all day long.

You figure out your clutch from your handbrake, your windscreen wipers and your indicators, your red light to your green light, and all your roundabouts and one-way systems but do you know all the laws surrounding driving? After reading this, we hope you will be a lot wiser on the UK driving laws and Highway Code you may not have known existed. Let’s get started and test your knowledge.

‘Middle lane hogging’ is an offence, the couriers near me don’t like drivers who do this

Middle lane hogging can be seen every day and persistently on our UK motorways, but how many of you knew it was an driving offence?

When driving on a motorway, you should keep to the left lane and only move into the middle lane when you are overtaking slower-moving vehicles in front of you. If you consistently sit in the middle lane for longer than necessary and with no valid reason, this is known as ‘middle lane hogging.’

‘Middle lane hogging’ now comes under careless driving. It is careless driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration to other road users. It can, in some cases, put other road users at risk and is deemed inconsiderate. The police can issue a fine for ‘middle lane hogging’ and three penalty points. We know that the middle lane can be very tempting but think about the fine and points you could face, definitely not worth the risk now is it?

There’s one rule you may not have known of the Highway Code already. Let’s check your knowledge on the next one.

Driving through puddles is a punishable offence

Man leaning out of splashing car
Man leaning out of splashing car

If you’re deliberately driving into large puddles to splash pedestrians, then yes, this is an offence too! Absurd as it may sound, some road users find it a fun activity to drive through puddles at high speed in the hope a pedestrian comes out looking like a wet dog.

Deliberately splashing through large puddles is not only damaging your vehicle but also very unpleasant for a foot-traveller and is a punishable offence. You can receive a fine of up to £5,000 and nine points on your licence. Who knew water splashing could be so frowned upon, think we should stick to the water parks with this one.

Unleashed road rage that can lead to fines

Road rage, stress, and bad tempers might not seem like much at the time but can lead you into some pretty sticky situations, substantial fines and dangers on the road. Road rage comes in different forms, from hand gestures to aggressive behaviour and swearing. It can come from someone tailgating you, cutting you up, or could just come from having a bad day.

Hand gestures alone can cause a fine and three points on your licence from not being in full control of your vehicle.

When ‘road rage’ leads to aggressive driving situations, you could face a fine, being banned, or even face jail time, depending on the severity of the incident. These bad days could lead you to a fine of up to £1000 as it comes under disorderly conduct within the crime and disorder act 1998. Ditch the road rage, count to ten, keep calm and carry on with your day.

angry driver behind the steering wheel but not one from the couriers near me
angry driver behind the steering wheel but not one from the couriers near me

Loud carpool karaoke or car-aoke can land you in a pool of trouble

Two women singing along as they drive in the car through town

We all love a sing-song in the car now and then, but sometimes you witness a car striking past you that sounds like the local night club on a Saturday night. Although there are no direct laws on playing loud music in your car, it is deemed a distraction and can land you with a £100 fine and even three points on your licence. The couriers near me tell us that driving with loud music comes under rule 148 of the Highway Code.

Two women singing along as they drive in the car through town

Loud music can conceal other noises around you when driving, especially the police, ambulance, or fire sirens, and you must be vigilant and concentrating on the roads at all times. Minus the distractions and lowering your stereo, you can still have a sing-along at a reasonable volume.

Driving too fast, we all know, is an offence, but so is driving too slow, a pet hate for the couriers near me

We are all mostly guilty of complaining for people driving too fast and even complaining when people drive too slowly, would you agree?

Speeding is a well-known rule of the Highway Code but driving too slow is not so much. Driving speeds can vary for different vehicles but mainly for cars. It is 30 mph in built-up areas, 60 mph on single carriageways, 70 mph on dual carriageways and on motorways. 

Although there are no set laws around driving too slow, penalties may be in the form of a verbal warning, but some cases may be more complex. Some issues can be seen as an inappropriate speed and can be a hazard and even a danger to other drivers on the road. In this example, you potentially could face prosecution for careless and dangerous driving.

There are not many signs for minimum driving in the UK, but one is placed at the Mersey Tunnel. The sign is not your traditional bright red; it is the colour blue, and when the minimum speed limit comes to an end, there is a line put through the sign. These signs are there to increase road safety and allow traffic to keep moving.

The couriers near me tell me slow drivers are not on their Christmas card list. Best to avoid that Sunday driving and stick to the speed limits.

Pets and penalty points but not for Apollo from the couriers near me

I am sure we have all witnessed the car next to us with their dog’s head hanging out the window with its tongue out and enjoying the breeze. Unfortunately, your pet getting a passenger seat ride with the window half down and its head hanging out can cause you some money loss and even points on your licence.

The Highway Code states that all animals travelling in a vehicle on the road need to be suitably restrained not to cause any distraction to drivers, injure you, or be injured themselves should you need to perform an emergency stop. One of the drivers from the couriers near me, she always has her dog with her but never with the window open more than a couple of inches, Apollo, that’s the dog still seems as happy as can be.

couriers near me and dog with head out of car window
couriers near me and dog with head out of car window

For this particular violation, you could face £1000 and penalty points. If the case was to make it to court (yes, court!), you could sustain a staggering £5000 and nine points on your licence. You can use a normal seal belt on your pets, and you can even purchase pet seat belts just like Apollo from the couriers near me has. Keep your pets safe and sound and your pockets full. For more curious rules, check (Not) Breaking The Law.

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