The world has been disrupted with some tough times lately, for families, for workers and multiple industries globally. We have done well in pulling together and supporting each other and each business where we can. The pandemic has been a whirlwind, and many have taken huge hits. Companies have had to adapt their systems to survive, and we also see logistics following suit. Logistics companies are future-proofing, with the use of modern environmental technology, the space required for a successful business to survive and are preparing for what may be a long ride.

Lockdowns, changes and the struggles

We hope that the unpredictable pandemic is coming to an end, and we want to stay positive on that front. Still, we also need to prepare for what may come if it continues and give businesses a stable plan of action to fight against the virus and give us all a competitive chance.

Due to the numerous lockdowns, new methods of shopping, increased online purchases and distinct activities in the past year, warehouses were stretched for space as business saw an influx of customers and demands amid the virus. Not only warehouse space was impacted but also supermarkets, next day delivery services as online shopping increased immensely.

Logistics companies saw a rapid rise as shops had enforced shut downs, as many consumers took to the online shopping method pushed on by the ‘panic buying’. This online consumerism began to take over as the new normal means of shopping. Meaning there was a higher demand with less packaging time and increasingly smaller window times for orders. It also meant more need in warehouse space, and logistics companies struggled to cater to such requests.

Logistics companies look to sustainable plans for storage space struggles

As a result of this, logistics companies are future-proofing as this article in Forbes details results from a survey found that ‘82% of online shoppers will carry on shopping online’ despite what the future holds. Helpful technology solutions such as automatic channel baling presses could be the future of logistics companies. The baling presses are an excellent option for saving on space. They take waste packaging materials such as plastic and produce bales weighing up to 1250kg to return to the recycling system. Whilst freeing up space, they can also save companies money as the electricity output will be lower, and the return on investment may be more significant.

Packaging solutions amid the panic

Along with the warehouse space, logistic companies are future-proofing when it comes to packaging. This element of logistics can be very wasteful and time-consuming, especially when it comes to returned items. The use of cardboard perforators may be a sustainable solution to this complicated problem.

The said machine will perforate used cardboard offcuts to produce recycled packaging, making them incredibly beneficial in creating new packages from old packaging. The cardboard perforators can make the unusable, usable and can create effective packaging material, resulting in less wasted time and money. This solution alone could save companies thousands.

Logistics companies looking ahead

Although it has been a struggle of a past year, we take the lows and highs and turn them into a positive. The logistics and e-commerce industries are going from strength to strength with the higher demands and influx of new customers, and plans are being set to meet these needs with new technology and services. We see the logistics companies’ future-proofing to meet these unusual challenges head-on, and we wish them the best of luck as they strive to deliver.

As ever, failing to future-proof, just means consumers will always find another to purchase from.

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