Good customer service is essential for any business. It is not just how you attract customers, but how you encourage them to keep returning. It should make any transaction much more pleasurable. This applies to the business of a courier company as much as any other enterprise. It can, however, be very difficult to achieve without effective procedures and training in place.

1. Make communication easy

The modern world provides dozens of different ways to communicate, and everyone has their own preferred method. By ensuring you are available through as many platforms as possible – e-mail, phone, live chat, web contact forms etc. – you will ensure your company is accessible to the widest range of customers.

2. Acknowledge communication

Phone conversations or a live chat involve instantaneous communication with the customer while they are still on the line and listening. If they use e-mail or a web contact form, they will have to wait for your reply. If you are not able to help immediately, ensure you at least acknowledge their request so they felt heard. This could include sending them a reference number of their case or details of a specific contact. You should keep in touch as long as the query is ongoing, perhaps by sending them regular summaries or status updates, which means you must track the progress of your interaction yourself.

3. Respond quickly and thoroughly

If a customer request is particularly challenging, it can be tempting to put it aside and focus on simpler things. That will leave the customer feeling ignored and unappreciated, and you will still have the query to deal with later. Take action immediately where possible, but do not rush. You want to get it right, ensuring you check in with the customer and respond to their feedback, exceeding their expectations wherever you can. Ask appropriate questions and listen to the answers.

4. Be reliable

This is one of the most basic tenets of good customer service. Avoid making commitments you will not be able to deliver. Keep your promises. Be responsive. This is how you build trust in the long term. Try not to set expectations too high and it will be easier to exceed them. If you consistently fail to meet expectations or uphold your word, any trust will be destroyed and the customer is unlikely to want to use your services again.

5. Show gratitude

Being courteous to customers doesn’t just mean addressing them respectfully. It means showing that you are grateful that they have chosen your business for their needs and you appreciate their custom. Say thank you regularly. Offer them rewards for their loyalty. Acknowledge the aspects of their personal lives they share with you, such as sending a many happy returns on their birthday.

These are just a few aspects of good customer service. Putting them into practice should build trust and loyalty in your customers, making them want to reuse your service and maybe even recommend you to their friends. It will make your business more sustainable in the long term and should make for a better overall atmosphere. As a leading courier company, we try very hard to follow the above guidelines!

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