As Christmas approaches and people begin to worry that they won’t get around all their family and friends to deliver cards and gifts before the big day, their minds turn to ordering gifts online and having them sent by courier. For kids’ toys and books, this is very easy but when it comes to sending alcohol, craft paint and other liquid items, it can be a little trickier. There is a risk of the liquid spilling in transit and damaging other parcels in the consignment, and also of the recipient being disappointed with a broken or half empty gift. However, with a bit of care and following some common-sense rules, most liquids can safely be sent by courier.

Rules for sending liquids

Businesses need to select the right courier for liquids. Same Day Couriers are happy to transport many types of liquids provided that they are declared, properly sealed and carefully wrapped to protect against breakage.

Declare what you are sending. Flammable liquids are often unsafe to send as part of a mixed consignment and may need special handling, so if you are unsure whether your item can be sent, check with your chosen courier first. They will be able to advise how best to package and ship it so that it reaches its destination safely and in the best possible condition.

Seal it well. It never hurts to double seal your liquids, either sealing your liquid inside another watertight container, or wrapping the seal with tape to prevent the lid from working loose in transit and leaking. Doing both is always a good idea – when you send liquids by courier, there is no such thing as overkill.

Wrap it carefully. If your liquid is contained within a glass or flexible plastic container rather than a metal tin, there is a risk of it being damaged in transit from contact with other items in the consignment or through handling at either end. Therefore, it is important to securely pack and wrap any breakable liquid items well prior to dropping them off with your chosen courier. Use bubble wrap, styrofoam and waste paper to cushion the package and clearly mark the words “FRAGILE” and “LIQUID” on the outer packaging.

Choose the right delivery option. If your liquid needs to be kept at a particular temperature, use a styrofoam cooler box and pack it well with frozen gel packs to both protect it from damage and to maintain its temperature. Choose a refrigerated delivery if necessary and ensure that it is sent on a same day or next day delivery. Economy options are generally not appropriate for most who send liquids by courier.

Same Day Couriers

We are a proven and experienced courier for liquids and we hope that this guidance will prove helpful over the Christmas period. If you need any advice on how to get your customers’ orders safely to their destinations, we are always very happy to help.

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