“Are we there yet”? – Perhaps the most feared phrase when driving. What’s worse is that most of the time you’re nowhere near! If only you could get there as smoothly and as quickly as a Same Day Couriers Direct parcel!

So what can you do? How do you make drive time fun or at least bearable? You could simply never drive anywhere with the family, but that’s not realistic. In fact with so-called “Staycations” becoming more common you’re actually much more likely to be stuck in the car in traffic with your loved ones. However, there is hope…

Don’t panic and try not to worry! That’s a good start. With a little preparation, some creativity and perhaps a little luck, you’ll soon have drive time down to a fine art. So where should you begin? Read on for that much needed help and guidance.

The vehicle

You might wonder why this is listed first. Well it really is quite simple. Nothing upsets an equilibrium more than a breakdown. You can have the best behaved children, enjoying their games or even sitting in peace (it does happen), but that all stops when the car stops! Make sure therefore that your vehicle is well maintained, tyre pressure is correct (including the spare) and that your membership of whichever is your roadside assistance of choice is up to date. There you go, box 1 ticked!


coastal route
coastal route

There are always options to consider. Do you want to take the scenic i.e. longer route, or do you want to get to your final destination faster whilst suffering the less glamorous views? Don’t just make the decision yourself though. Consult with your family, so that they feel engaged in the process and not simply subject to it – you’ll get fewer protests that way. Also ensure that you know the route – so Satnav or a map (remember those) will help. Nothing is worse than getting lost, other than perhaps breaking down.

You might want to have a practice run, but then again that may be completely impractical. A little thought and prior consideration to the route however can save both time and energy in the long run – both are wonderful commodities to keep and use for yourself.


Some surprises are great. A five minute warning however to pack your bags and get ready for a 5 hour drive isn’t. So don’t do it! Everybody needs to be engaged in the preparation and thought for the journey even if they feign indifference when told. Nobody though can act shocked if the 5 hour journey turns out to be, well, 5 hours if they were told ahead of time. We’ll look at “good” surprises a little later…


Without being overly philosophical, whatever mood you believe you will have on the journey, you’ll likely have it. If you think you’ll be grumpy, then you’ll be grumpy. The same can however apply to positive attitudes. If you start off positive, and work hard at it, then things are likely to go that little more smoothly. Now that does not mean that you will not be tested, but don’t start down in the doldrums as there’s nowhere else to go from there!


Haven’t we just looked at this? Didn’t we say some surprises can be dangerous? Yes, but we also noted that some are great and you can use surprise tactics when things are getting a little tough.

family by water

Stop offs are usually needed on long drives, so check your route for suitable opportunities. You can use them to your advantage in a number of ways. Firstly any change to a routine is good – so stopping after driving is seen as exciting. Secondly you will get the chance to freshen up, maybe have a much needed coffee etc. Thirdly you can reward good behaviour with a surprise treat – see surprises are good too! You might even want to make a promise of potential further surprises based on the next part of the journey. However, be wary not to back yourself into a surprise corner!

family by water


Minds need to be occupied. Little minds need to be very well occupied. Attention spans are seemingly linked to a person’s age – the younger they are, the shorter their attention span. So variation is key. One book will not cut it, they may need several choices, comics, colouring books and games etc.

Books of course can be replaced, or complimented, with tablets, phones and DVD players etc. There are arguments about the health benefits of screen time for children, but during a car journey perhaps those arguments are best left for another day entirely!

Music is a great source of entertainment and distraction, the only problem is, the more people listening the more views there’ll be on what should be played. Don’t start an argument over music if everything was happy and peaceful!

Games can be great for journeys, including I-Spy, Car Bingo and Car-Registration games. Not only are they inclusive but they are easy and don’t take up any storage space. Snacks are great too, but you should look to tie these into the designated pit-stops for obvious reasons!


dog in car boot

These tips are all great and do work. A few more basic ones include the following: –

  • wet wipes – you’re never too old (or young) to need them
  • zip lock bags – for any mishaps or hiccups
  • electronics – tablets, phones etc. and of course in car chargers!
  • snacks – already mentioned, but can you ever have enough snacks, especially on a holiday!
dog in car boot

A road trip is nothing to fear unless you’re not prepared. Of course things will not always go smoothly, but you can iron out a lot of creases in advance with a little forward thinking. Make sure that your car is well maintained, fuelled up and ready to go. Ensure that the only surprises you have are happy ones that have been well planned. Keeping everyone engaged with and involved in the preparation and execution will empower them all in a positive way.

Most of all though perhaps is the help you give yourself. You need to give yourself a break to enjoy the break you’re having. Don’t panic if there are hiccups, don’t worry if there are slight issues. No matter how hard you plan, nothing will ever be perfect, so just be a little kinder to yourself.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned the chance to enjoy your free time so let yourself do exactly that. Before you realise, you’ll be at your destination quicker and smoother than a Same Day Couriers Direct parcel!

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Happy travels!

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