Work is already tough enough and adding decision making into the equation only makes it harder. If you are lucky enough to also own the business then everything is ramped up again. There’s pressure to make quick decisions, make the right decisions and to see decisions through. On top of all of that there is the responsibility that comes with making bad decisions, poor judgment calls or simply getting things wrong. They can’t be avoided, indeed not making decisions is sometimes even worse than making bad ones, but they can be made easier and here we look at how. How to make the right choices, how to reduce the chances of getting things wrong and above all, how to get things right more often than not. Nobody is perfect, it’s just

The facts

calculator and papers spread on table
calculator and papers spread on table

The more information you have to consider, the more likely it is that you’ll see the right answer to your dilemma. Taking a punt on a feeling can work of course but it can also be disastrous. Analysing critical data can take a lot of time of course but in the end it can save time too.

The facts may include details of what your competition are doing, pricing structures, advertising campaigns etc. It can also include key dialogue with your suppliers, employees and your clients. Same Day Couriers Direct always keep channels of communication open with everybody to ensure that they keep abreast of any changes or problems and are thus able to adapt and change in advance. Active listening is a great way of learning more about a situation than simply talking about it. Learn what the industry is thinking and adopt a dynamic fluidity in your approach to dealing with it. Happy people are always much easier to deal with!


Often the most successful businesses are those that have made mistakes. Or to put it another way, to thrive sometimes you have to know what it is to fail. Getting things wrong will give you the impetus to never repeat that outcome. Messing up can of course be costly, but not learning from your mistakes can be fatal. So whilst failure is not something to aspire to, don’t be afraid of making decisions for fear of being wrong. Those that make no decisions will never be wrong but they’ll also never be in business for very long.

Start at the end

Focusing on results can create pathways to achieving the goals to which you aspire. There will be different goals, some long term and some immediate and of course a balance will need to be struck, but unless you know where you’re heading the chances of getting there will be diminished.


If it is your own business then you’re there for the long term. Always adapt an open approach to decisions and choices. We’ve seen that you’ll be wrong at times, but you’ll be right too so don’t be too hard on yourself. Be flexible in how you approach your problems and not stubborn in your ways. What worked one time may not work the next and vice versa. An open mind is a lot less costly than an open wallet!

dandelion seeds blowing in sun

A quick way of thinking about the process is perhaps best summed up as follows:-

  • identify your goals – what is it you want!
  • assimilate all relevant information from all sources
  • evaluate the options – it doesn’t matter what you want if it cannot be achieved does it?!
  • make a decision – the toughest part of it all sometimes is to pick an option
  • evaluate the outcome – both in the short and long term. Did you achieve your goal, why was that etc
dandelion seeds blowing in sun

So now you know you how you’re supposed to make decisions, let’s look at the process in action as we consider…

How to pick a courier

delivery man

Whether you’re a trader looking for deliveries to customers, or you’re awaiting supplies and products from others, the courier is a vital link in the logistics chain. They say that chains fail at their weakest link so how do you ensure that this isn’t because you picked the wrong one?

There are always lots of factors to consider in every decision – we have seen that the more information you consider the more likely you’ll make the right choice too. So what should you be thinking about when it comes to couriers?

delivery man
  • Speed –  do you need the item immediately or is your customer expecting their delivery in a hurry. Nothing frustrates people more than delays so you need speed!.
  • Restrictions – are there any restrictions relating to size and weight of the parcels or goods and if so what will that mean to the delivery? Are there stock problems and can these be overcome? What happens if there is a problem with insurance etc.?
  • Customer Service –  do you want a firm that is friendly or a firm that is efficient – why can you not have both? What do their existing customers think, do they have a reviews page or a rating system and have you considered these at all? A good indication of your future experience will lie in their past business. Also consider how they deal with problems as anyone can be efficient when things are going well. This really is a point where the more information you have the better. Being informed is everything!
  • Value – some think price and value are the same. They’re not. Something may cost you half the price but take three times longer. Therefore where’s the saving – surely unhappy customers phoning you and complaining isn’t a saving you want to make! Likewise speed is great, as long as it is matched by accuracy. So think of the value that their service is adding to your business, not just the cost of getting the delivery made.

It’s true that decisions are hard, but if you’ve already made the tough decision to go into business yourself then you know that you’re up to the challenge. Don’t think you’ll always be right as you won’t, but don’t let that deter you from acting. Be brave and battle on.

In the end reading this will be the right decision (hopefully), it highlights how to make good decisions and specifically how to find the right courier too. In the end though the last bit is a little easier than the first and you’ll be able to tick one more decision off your list! Why you ask?

Well, Same Day Couriers Direct are well trusted by clients, suppliers and employees alike. A well established and forward-thinking firm, they’re ready and able to help you. Give them a call, it’s the right decision to make!

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