It’s essential when you book a same day courier that you find a firm with certain qualities. Otherwise, your precious documents or items may be delayed or never reach their destination at all. There are 5 major points when booking a same day delivery to ensure that your goods arrive safely, so follow this handy guide to ensure peace of mind and perfect delivery:

1. Reputable

Only use a reputable company when you book a same day courier. Top tips for doing this include looking at their online presence and their pedigree. Every reputable company will have a professional and informative website. Check the company history to see how long they have been successfully working in the industry. Our family-run company has over 25 years of experience delivering locally and internationally, and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation.

2. Expertise

It’s important when booking a same day delivery that the team handling your items are experienced in that area. There is a huge difference between transporting sensitive pharmacological equipment and steel fabrications! A company that has expertise in serving numerous industries, such as Same Day Couriers Direct, will give you the reassurance you need. From the automotive and aviation industries to exhibitions, financial, media and marine, amongst many others, you can rely on our expertise.

3. Trustworthy

It’s amazing how many people hand over their precious goods to a man with a van or a friend of a friend without thinking twice about the dangers in this. Every year, millions of pounds worth of goods go missing in innocent (and not-so-innocent) ways. If you are booking a same day delivery, then you need to be smart about who you trust with your valuable items. Our close-knit team are highly trustworthy, and we reinforce this with documented times and signatures, tracked vehicles and electronic proof of delivery.

4. Punctuality

Of course, when you book a same day courier, you want your goods delivered right on time. Many firms are unable to achieve this, however, due to lack of personnel or professionalism. However, Same Day Couriers Direct are the experts in getting your goods to where they need to be in good time. Our firm has an industry-leading 99.7% rate of deliveries arriving on time. The firm always has a rapid reaction time and takes over 500 emergency calls per week. Ours is a high-quality team who can manage any scenario with prompt and professional service.

5. Clear communication

When you go to book a same day courier, you need to speak to someone who is knowledgeable and helpful. Clear communication is a must. You are putting your valuable documents or goods in their hands, so you should expect regular updates on progress and be able to contact the company with any queries or adjustments. A professional firm will welcome your contact because they know that your satisfaction is their reputation.

Same Day Couriers Direct offers a proven service for all your delivery needs.

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